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Our Statment

A social experiment like no other! A completely real ERC20 standard token that you can obtain today. Why you may ask? Because everyone is doing an ICO these days so we thought we could join in on the hype.

Why Lambocoin?

Token Distribution

The base token distribution formula is very simple: for every 1 ETH you contribute, you'll receive 100 LBC. Thats it, no special give aways or bonus LBC for contributing more ether because just like a real lambo, LBC is special and its a gift just to have one.

Group Number
ICO 200,000

Crowdsale is now live

Steps to partipate

  • You have to send ETH funds from your personal Ethereum wallets like MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger (hardware wallet)
  • DO NOT send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc
  • Set Gas Limit to 250 000 (during high-load network)
  • Set the gas price at 60 GWEI (during high-load network)
  • LBC tokens will be sent immediately to the wallet from which the ETH arrived
  • By participating in this fundraiser I agree to the terms and conditions and confirm that I am not a citizen of the USA or Hong Kong

Send Eth

Send 1 Eth to recieve 100 LBC.

0x59b8d11d50Ab6615F9cd430743BaF646Fb8966c6 Copy

View the token contract on Etherscan

Meet The Team

The Don
Lead Developer / Legit CEO
Dr Salvatore D'Parrelli
Cryptography Expert
Max Colorado
Brand Developer
Ms Diversity
Contract Developer

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